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Curing the symptoms only

Since the 1900’s the use of pharmaceutical drugs has soared and yet there is more sickness and disease on this planet than ever before. We are caught in a chronic illness pandemic. We have the sickest children, teenagers, adults, and elderly in the history of our specie. This makes no sense though, since we have unlimited access to medication. Should we therefore not be the healthiest species? The answer is no, because pharmaceutical drugs do not cure you, they merely suppress symptoms. These symptoms are how our bodies tell us that there is a problem, an imbalance that needs our conscious attention. Medical professionals prompt us to take drugs, which silence the bodies cry for help; however the imbalance persists and ultimately becomes worse.

Unlike 100 years ago, today, chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure have become synonymous with human existence. In addition, an endless list of disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Bipolar disorder, attention deficiency disorder, osteoporosis, celiac disease etc. which were hardly heard of 100 years ago, have become part of our everyday existence.

Are we sick because we are living longer? No, that is a myth. The most rapid and significant increases in chronic illness are amongst children, teenagers, and middle aged adults.

Are we not simply detecting more illness by means of new technology and thereby skewing the data regarding chronic illness incidence? NO! Obesity alone, which is a causal factor in virtually every other chronic illness, has increased exponentially in just the last decades. Detecting obesity is NOT technology dependent, it requires a scale and perhaps a tool to measure body fat percentage or body mass index. This is NOT new technology. The graphs illustrate a grim future, but a real one. Childhood obesity has doubled over the last 10 years and is on the increase. The same trend is evident in the number of people suffering from diabetes, which can be linked directly to obesity.

Chronic Illness = Lifestyle Illness

Our lifestyle over the last 100 years has changed dramatically. With the turn of the century our diets started to include things like flavour enhancers, preservatives, fast foods, aspartame, soda drinks, high fructose corn syrup and refined food, to just mention a few. Environmentally, the air that we breathe has become polluted; the water we drink is full of chemicals and the wireless technology is bombarding our bodies with an invisible danger. Overall we have become more stressed, both physically and mentally.

Furthermore we have handed the responsibility of our health to the health care practitioners. The medical profession however has also changed in the last century, from a once caring and honourable profession to one that generates large sums of money. Suppression of symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs has become the medical modus operandi. No matter how knowledgeable medical professionals are, they cannot heal you by medicating you. They may maintain your illness, but at what cost?

Important research has shown that a change in lifestyle can prevent, reverse and heal 80%-90% of all chronic illnesses whether they are metabolic, systemic or neurologic in nature. Unfortunately we have become passive when it comes to our own health and would rather take drugs, than give up on our current unhealthy lifestyle. This lack of taking responsibility however does not only affect us directly, it shapes our offspring to do the same. Our lifestyle becomes their lifestyle. Our chronic illnesses become their chronic illnesses. We are therefore in the process of creating an even sicker and more drug dependent progeny.

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    Heal the Cause

    You do not have to be into “New Age” to know that we are body, mind and spirit. An imbalance in the one creates an imbalance in the others. We have all become familiar with the saying,” healthy mind; healthy body”. We however don’t give this saying much thought. To illustrate the body and mind connection, just think about the body’s response to an imaginary noise in the middle of the night. Your heart starts bounding; your body becomes rigid and tense and you start breaking out in a cold sweat. We do not realise it, but the body reacts to every thought we have and if those thoughts are predominantly negative, it can lead to an imbalance in the body, manifesting as an illness. Therefore treating the symptom of an illness is completely ineffective, since the origin or cause of that symptom is still there. So, stop suppressing the body’s distress signals with drugs and care enough about your body to find and heal the cause of your health problem and in doing so, regain the balance.



    Find Your Balace
    I offer individualised health consulting to support a healthier lifestyle, as well as health talks at schools and other interested organisations.

    Branding a disease

    Branding a disease
    As a result of handing over the full authority of our lives to the industry of medicine, the pharmaceutical and medical establishments have become out of control.

    Self Control

    Self Control
    It takes effort and discipline to regain health or lose weight and then it takes more effort and discipline to maintain health and keep the weight down.

    The way of Nature

    The Way of Nature
    In a nutshell, the philosophy of naturopathy is that we are all born with the ability to heal and stay healthy, given that we follow the laws of nature.