Testimonials from Customers who have consulted me and experienced results.

I frequently suffered heartburn, reflux and constipation over a period of many years and the numerous remedies I tried only provided temporary relieve. In addition, agonizing lower back pain and osteoarthritis was limiting my movement. Realizing that all these ailments are just going to get worse with age, and not wanting to take drugs, I consulted Dr. Wiehart. Under her guide, both my husband and I embarked on her suggested change of lifestyle. Our diet needed only little adjustment, however I was, and had been, addicted to chocolates for decades. After a few weeks I was surprised to find my heartburn and reflux had completely disappeared. A few months living this lifestyle improved my bowl movements and they are now regular. In addition the pain in my back became less noticeable and my arthritis improved. Most unexpectedly though was the improvement of my eyesight and the clearing of a chronic inflammation in my inner ear.

With this healthy lifestyle came an increase in energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Marilyn Bruyns, Cape Town, South Africa

After the stress of early retrenchment from my job, I developed body odour. I suffered from osteoarthritis which was especially noticeable in my shoulders and almost lost my eyesight due to an autoimmune response, uvitis. I followed the change in lifestyle Dr. Wiehart suggested and after a few weeks my body odour was gone and the pain caused by the arthritis had improved greatly. A check up at the ophthalmologist confirmed that the inflammation in my eye has disappeared. My energy levels have also increased noticeably.

Patrick Bruyns, Cape Town, South Africa


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