Why do some people get ill and others don’t?

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So the other day I was asked a very interesting question, which got me thinking, that maybe I should just write a blog about it.
The question was as follows: Why do some individuals get Cancer, and others don’t? I have met people who never smoked and yet were diagnosed with lung Cancer. Others are chain smokers, and yet live long lives, never contracting cancer. Can we honestly fully control our bodies and the well-being there off? I am convinced that our Creator also has a plan for us. Never in History – except in paradise, was there pure health. So, is ”Medicine” an illusion?

This is not an easy question to answer and I have done so by going according to what I believe in and what is true for me. Disease is not the natural state of the body and yet we have currently more sick people on this planet than we have healthy ones. For me, our bodies reflect what is happening to our planet. The sicker the planet becomes, the more disease will strike us. That is the big picture though; we humans are responsible for an ever-ailing planet and cannot make the Creator responsible for our short-sightedness, greed, and destruction.

On an individual scale when a person gets ill, it indicates an imbalance within the whole, being either of the mind, body, or spirit. The illness is but an indicator or a symptom that gets us to pay attention. Modern medicine suppresses symptoms and yes I agree with you in these cases Medicine is an illusion since most chemicals are foreign to the body, which just causes an even bigger imbalance. I will be the first person to tell you that no doctor, Natural or Allopathic can heal disease. Only your body can do so, so a strong immune system is needed. This involves looking at the whole person, not just the symptom, since a weak immune system is also just a symptom of a disease. The question is why the immune system is weak and again you have to look at the whole. This may kick off a journey of eating correctly and living healthier, and looking within, to inspect the thoughts of the mind and whether those are in agreement with your spirit. Once inner peace is established, you will either get healthy or you will die, but it won’t matter, because you are at peace. That is the way we were meant to die, not with tubes attached and pills that poison us.

Dying is not a failure to overcome disease; it is a naturally occurring event. We have however been conditioned to believe differently. No other animal on this planet is as diseased as the human animal, which to me means we are directly responsible for it. If you get cancer even though you have never smoked a day in your life and have been looking after yourself, then for me that is an indicator that there is an imbalance within the mind or the spirit. Remember also that you are just a part of the whole. What affects the whole, humanity at large affects the part.

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