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First, an Apology

To all my blog readers, I do apologize for the less frequent blog entries, but as you well know time is hard to come by and of course, I am the type of person that tries to cram more into my already busy days. Apart from studying Naturopathy, I have now also taken up Tai Chi. I will however still do my best to write regular blog entries, albeit less frequent and shorter.

No control- no discipline  

I am amazed on an almost daily basis by how little self-control and self-discipline people have when it comes to food. Is it something we are no longer taught? Do children no longer learn what healthy food is and when enough is enough? We all just mindlessly shove food and drink down our throats, without thinking twice about what the impact of it is on our bodies. Not even the harsh reality of telling someone that the food that they consume will lead to their premature demise can motivate them to gain control and discipline. They want you to give them some magic pill that will either cure them or give them control over their poor eating habits. There is no such thing. It takes effort and discipline to regain health or lose weight and then it takes more effort and discipline to maintain health and keep the weight down. In other words, it requires a lifestyle change, not for a few weeks or months, but for the rest of your life.

A good few years ago, I was addicted to sugar. It was not something I realized at the time, but I knew my eating habits were less than poor. Fortunately, the health problems I did experience at the time were not too serious, but annoying enough for me to consult a homeopath. I was asked to follow a cleansing diet for 3 weeks, which excluded all forms of sugar, including fruits. Contrary to most, however, when being told to stay away from something, with good reason, I do it without hesitation and with military discipline. Above all, I wanted to regain my health; if that was what it took, I would do it. The first day was pure hell. The withdrawal symptoms were so severe that it felt like my head was going to explode and I could keep nothing in my stomach, not even my saliva. The following days were not as bad, but a constant headache was a reminder of what I have done to my body. After three weeks, most of my niggling health problems had resolved themselves, but from then on sugar was no longer part of my life. If anything I avoided it like poison and I still do.

How important is your health to you?

This is ultimately the big question. If you are looking for quick fixes, then I am sorry your health is not important to you and no matter what doctor you see, you will not regain your health. If you think a drug is going to cure you, think again. No drug has ever cured the root cause of a health issue. Regaining your health and staying healthy is a daily commitment. Up to 90% of health issues are due to improper eating habits. It should make us feel empowered to know we have so much control over our health, yet we don’t have the self-control and self-discipline to say no.

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