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Somalis are dying of hunger, hydraulic fracturing (fracking), seal pups are clubbed to death in Namibia, Rhino are massacred for their horns …there is a seemingly endless list of this insanity happening, while we sit and watch. I suppose as long as it does not affect our immediate surroundings, why should we care, right? Wrong! In this life, nothing happens without a reason and if I had to guess what that reason is; it is to WAKE UP! Other than a few passionate people that stand up against the insanity and pursue the truth, the brainwashed masses are sleepwalking. Most of us are so busy trying to make a living that the insanity of what is happening around us does not concern us.

Don’t you understand that you are being locked into that state so that you don’t think and don’t ask questions? In the interim, more measures of control are rigged up around us. Don’t you feel hemmed in and controlled yet? Next time you are caught in peak traffic on your way to work, look around you. You are a slave! Do you think that you have been created for that? I mean seriously, you are born naked, and you pretty much leave the same way. Yet, between birth and dying our attention is focused on education and a good job, so we can make lots of money. What is the point? I assure you, the next time you slip into a human skin you will not be born with the keys to that Mercedes convertible you lost your health for, in your previous life. A lot of us are caught in jobs we hate, but for the sake of the paycheck at the end of the month, we stay for years. We become miserable, depressed, disillusioned, and disconnected.

Disconnected seems to be the human condition. We watch the tragedy unfold, without doing anything about it. We allow the government to take our money and squander it. We agree to give our kids dangerous drugs because the schoolteachers request them. We pay increases to corporate businesses so they can make a profit and all the while the noose is tightening. More avenues of control are put in place under the banner of; “it is for your protection”. No, it isn’t. It is about money and power. When are we going to wake up to that? What are we waiting for?

To me the imbalance and insanity I see everywhere on this planet, is a mirror image of the imbalanced and insane life we lead. Being the predominant specie, our imbalanced way of living directly impacts the planet. We see the consequences of our actions everywhere. Deforestation, nuclear contamination, pollution of the oceans and the air that we breathe…again the list is endless. We are killing this planet for financial gain in the same way we lose our health (be it mental, physical, or emotional) chasing after material stuff.

For the most part, the insanity we see around us has been created by greed; greed for money, and greed for power. All of us are controlled by that greed. Look at the big money-making industries. They control what you eat, the drugs you take, the healthcare you receive, and whether you have a job from one day to another. Sick people die because they cannot afford healthcare, innocent people go to jail because they cannot afford a good lawyer, uneducated children stay uneducated because they cannot afford to go to a good school, nor can their parents afford to give them the food that their developing brain needs to enable them to learn.

This is the world we have created for ourselves, and our children will carry on with this legacy. The system will carry on feeding money to the powerful and keep the poor in the slum. As long as we give money more valuable than life, people will kill for it. We live in a world where knowledge is seen as power. What has happened to wisdom? Where is the compassion? Don’t you allow yourself to feel anymore because what you will feel is an inconceivable sadness, helplessness, and anger? I ask myself every day how we could have let this happen. We, the caretakers of this planet have failed because our focus has shifted to how much we can gain for me. We have been brainwashed to live according to the Darwinian law, of survival of the fittest. At what cost? Wake up!

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